Jewish hypocrisy

Jewish hypocrisy

Jared Silverman’s excellent op-ed “The lingering Jewish political schism” (March 2) and recent protests had me wondering why progressives spent the last eight years going fetal in the face of greater outrages.

Those marching in pink hats no doubt included many thousands of Jews. I can’t help but wonder if there would have been a similar ‘geschrei’ had a Republican president circumvented Congress to provide Iran with a path toward nuclear weapons, along with $150 billion dollars?

Would the creative headgear been worn had a Republican secretary of state declared the old city of Jerusalem to be “occupied territory” or a supporter of Louis Farrakhan had been an early favorite to lead the Republican National Committee?

Would we have seen breathless emails titled “March Against Hate” if a Republican president and many Republican members of Congress boycotted the Israeli prime minister’s speech before Congress?

The sad decline in support for Israel among Jews has been noted extensively, with more than one observer noting that many synagogues have become little more than the Democratic party with holidays.   

Highlighting the hypocrisy in these synagogues is way overdue.

Ron Soussa
Pine Brook

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