Jew-haters are off-limits

Jew-haters are off-limits

Martin Raffel’s question of who to align with and who to avoid is not a difficult one (“Distinguishing between allies and adversaries,” June 22). People who hate Jews and Israel should be off-limits, full stop. Irrespective of one’s feelings on feminism and anti-Trump activism, Linda Sarsour must be off-limits because she unabashedly hates Jews, or at least those of us still alive (though of late she’s tried substituting the term Zionist rather than Jew in her offensive tweets). 

Operation Save America is quite pro-Israel, and therefore should be in our coalition irrespective of one’s feelings on abortion. Neither abortion nor feminism are core Jewish issues. Our survival, on the other hand, is the premier Jewish issue. The hard ones are those like Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) who are indeed Jewish, but exist solely to support our enemies. In light of NJJN’s content on June 22 — Gary Rosenblatt’s “Next-Gen Americans pulling away from Israel” and NJJN’s editorial “‘It’s the morality, stupid,’” regarding diminishing support for Israel — it behooves us to prioritize support and gratitude for those who unabashedly support us. 

Stuart Cohen

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