JCC OF Central New Jersey

JCC OF Central New Jersey

THE JCC OF Central New Jersey in Scotch Plains remains committed to improving its building and campus while making it more green and observing the core Jewish values of “shmirat ha’adamah” (protection and renewal of the world) and “bal tashchit” (do not destroy or waste).

The JCC entered into a Power Purchase Agreement with Keystone Power Holdings in Paoli, Pa., which is building and maintaining a solar panel system on the JCC roof and selling back the solar power to the JCC at a discounted rate.   

When complete, 80 percent of the roof will be covered with panels and five inverters which convert the solar power to AC power. The installation is projected to be done by the end of 2017; once complete it will begin producing energy immediately, saving the JCC money on its monthly energy bill.  

“How exciting that doing something that is so good for our environment also creates savings for our JCC,” said Jennifer Mamlet, executive director. “This will allow us to reinvest in programs that enhance our member experience and support communal life in our area.” 

The JCC board of directors has also approved the installation of a cogeneration system. Cogeneration is the use of a heat engine or power station to generate electricity and useful heat at the same time. The system will be installed in 2018 by Premise Power, N.Y., and the thermal power supplied will help the JCC heat its water and indoor pool. “Being green is key to our future sustainability so we are thrilled that we were able to find a way to make these two systems a reality,” said Mike Goldstein, chief operating officer. 

These projects complement the energy-efficient lighting system the JCC installed in 2014, which significantly reduced its electricity bill and carbon footprint. All in all, the JCC will be fulfilling 85 percent of its power needs at a lower cost.   

Contact Goldstein at 908-889-8800, ext. 218, or mgoldstein@jccnj.org.

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