J Street is pro-Israel

J Street is pro-Israel

At the end of the letter to the editor “Focus on radical Islamic terrorism” (Nov. 23), the writer describes J Street as a “disgusting organization” which disseminates “propaganda, lies, and efforts to smear Israel and the Jewish people.” 

This accusation is outrageous and baseless.

Anyone who wishes to be informed of J Street’s mission and its activities should go to its website and will find that J Street is a large Jewish organization strenuously committed to Israel’s survival as a Jewish state. J Street believes that this goal can only be assured if Israel reaches a secure, two-state peace agreement with the Palestinians.

This position is pro-Israel. In fact, it is also held by AIPAC and has been adopted by leaders of Israel’s government, security, and military. This has also been the official position of prior U.S. administrations. (The position of this administration is ambiguous.)

To characterize J Street as indirectly supporting anti-Semitism, as the writer has, is scurrilous.

Mati Marcus

Scotch Plains 

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