It’s Obama’s fault

It’s Obama’s fault

In an amazing piece of one-sided journalism, Douglas Bloomfield lays 100 percent of the blame on a rift between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu on Netanyahu (“Bibi and Obama need their own cease-fire,” Aug. 21).

No supporter of Israel who follows the news could take Mr. Bloomfield’s assertions seriously. The failure of the Middle East foreign policy of Obama is clear to see. The Middle East is being taken over by radical Islamists who believe slavery and beheadings are the best weapons. Worse still is the Obama administration’s capitulation to Iran. The United States  unilaterally eased up on sanctions, and now the Iranians are freely upgrading their nuclear programs to enable them to destroy the “Zionist entity.” Thanks to President Obama, it is
business as usual in Tehran.

President Obama should thank his lucky stars that Prime Minister Netanyahu is a strong leader for Israel. Under Obama, America has lost friends and respect in the Middle East and around the world. The only nation in the Middle East that does not laugh at the United States and President Obama is Israel. Israel is Obama’s only friend, and the president needs to understand that.

Mark Meyerowitz
director, Republican Friends of Israel
West Orange

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