Itamar statistics

Itamar statistics

As the source of some of the material for the article, I am aware of several inaccuracies or distortions in “U.N. vote condemning settlements doesn’t sit well with Rockaway Chabad” (Dec. 29).   

In this brief letter I will only address the following egregious statement: “Since then [2002], at least 11 Jews, including Twito, and six Palestinians in the area have been killed, and several dozen others badly wounded.”  The truth is that almost two dozen residents of Itamar have been murdered (19) or severely injured three by local Palestinians since 2002 — including the slaughter of most of the Fogel family in 2011. Furthermore, Palestinians who have been killed were killed while committing their terrorist acts. These Palestinian murderers are considered heroes within their communities. 

Dr. Lawrence M. Slavin

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