It Could Happen

It Could Happen

Gilbert N. Kahn is a professor of Political Science at Kean University.

Just when there was a growing sense of resignation within the Republican Party that they will need to sink or swim with Trump, along comes a revitalized “anyone but Trump” group. This revived collection of individuals—as well as some serious money supporters–have asserted that they believe that the convention rules could be changed in by the rules committee when it meets on July 14 and 15, days before the convention.

They are proposing a change which would free all delegates to vote for whomever they wish with no requirement to follow the dictates of the 14 million primary/caucus voters from their respective states. Such a proposal, if accepted by the rules committee, would then need to be ratified by a majority of the entire convention’s 2400 delegates. The group contends that there is indeed a growing groundswell of support certainly among conservative Republicans for such an effort. For sure, this represents a last ditch effort by Trump opponents.

The very serious problem with this strategy which has emerged over the past few days is the nature of the response of the Trump supporters. Beside their sense of indignation, protest, and charges of illegalities, some of the Trump supporters have threatened the organizers of the anti-Trump movement with violence in Cleveland if Trump is denied the nomination. While their ire is understandable and legitimate the fact that they are threatening violence if their candidate is denied the nomination ought to send shudders down the spines of all Americans.

Trump himself does not lose or certainly never admits that he loses. Trump believes that he will always win. The concern even the suggestion of violence in the event that an effort be made to change the Party’s rules ought to leave all observers to ponder what might be Trump and his followers’ reaction if he loses the actual election in November.  

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