Israelis barred from entering Jordan over kipot

Israelis barred from entering Jordan over kipot

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A group of Israeli tourists were prevented from entering Jordan because members of the group were wearing yarmulkes.

The incident occurred more than a week ago, but was first reported by Israel’s Channel 2 on Sunday.

The group was planning to travel to the Tomb of Aaron near Petra. The tomb is believed to be the burial place of the first High Priest, Aaron, the brother of Moses.

In December, an Israeli family was denied entry to Jordan at a crossing near Eilat because the husband and the couple’s sons wore kipot; they were told they could not enter Jordan with “Jewish items.” After that incident, Jordan told Israeli authorities it was a one-time error, according to Channel 2.

A Foreign Ministry official told Channel 2 that not allowing tourists carrying Jewish religious items in their bags to enter Jordan appears to be official policy. The ministry reportedly has sought clarification of the issue from Jordan.

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