Israeli-Arab progress

Israeli-Arab progress

Kudos to Phyllis Bernstein for receiving Westfield Hadassah’s 2017 leadership award. (Bernstein’s letter, “Hadassah hospital demonstrates coexistence,” June 22) and her reporting on the positive percentages of Israeli-Arabs employed in health care. These numbers are likely to soon increase in medical and high-tech fields due to Israel’s intense work with Arab high school students for the past 12 years, according a Dec. 16 article in the Times of Israel. 

Also worth noting is that an Arab serves on the Supreme Court, the United Arab List is the Knesset’s third largest party, and a Bedouin is a diplomat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Naturally, a lot more needs to be achieved for Arabs to feel fully integrated into Israeli society. Yet when they look at the turmoil in the region, is there another country where they would rather live?

Gene Brotsky

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