Israel thwarts incursion from Gaza

Israel thwarts incursion from Gaza

The IDF identified 13 armed men exiting a tunnel inside Israel early Thursday morning

Israeli forces foiled a large infiltration attempt through a tunnel from Gaza.

It is believed the infiltrators were planning to carry out a major terror attack on an Israeli target, the IDF said in a statement. According to photos taken by the IDF, the infiltrators were carrying weapons including shoulder-mounted RPGs.

The IDF identified the 13 armed men exiting a tunnel inside Israel early Thursday morning, near Kibbutz Sufa close to the Gaza border.  Once the men realized they had been spotted they attempted to dive back into the tunnel, but were thwarted by an airstrike by Israel’s Air Force. The IDF said some of the infiltrators were injured.

Hours after the infiltration attempt, the IDF posted video of the infiltration and the airstrike on the opening of the tunnel.

Hamas later took responsibility for the attempted infiltration, and said that all of its members returned home, according to the Times of Israel. Palestinian radio in Gaza falsely reported that the infiltrators killed and injured Israelis.

Residents of the kibbutz and near-by communities had been instructed to remain in their homes in the hours after the infiltration attempt, as Israeli troops searched the area.

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