Israel is light unto nations

Israel is light unto nations

Did Spicer make his comment about Assad and Hitler by mistake? Being a consummate professional communicator maybe he was trying to make a point.

Israel, the only Jewish country, is a short distance from the Syrian atrocities. 

The question, “Why was the world silent?” may become as relevant in 2017 as in 1937.  

Assad’s recent use of poisonous gas is part of a progressively cruel and increasingly brazen affront to humanity. Israel should not refrain from helping civilians just because Syria is a sworn enemy. Like Job, Israel may not be fulfilling its directive to be exemplary to the nations. 

The reality of Israel’s internal political forces — comprised of the tragic and heartbreaking — IDF veterans, disabled terror survivors, orphans, bereaved parents, and widows, should not shape Israel’s ethical responses. 

Even if helping with food and medicine risks creating terrorists in the future (it happens), Israel should still provide humanitarian aid. 

Jewish ethics are not expendable. In the long run, we know that the right ethics have always prevailed. 

Itai Rozovsky

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