Israel belongs to the Jews

Israel belongs to the Jews

It is time we stopped negotiating with ourselves and admit that the dream of a two-state solution is just a dream (Editorial, “AIPAC and the two-state dilemma,” March 28). The Israelis reached that conclusion a few years ago and it is now time for American Jews to do the same. AIPAC must support the duly elected Israeli government. I supported Israel when it was led by Yitzhak Rabin, even though I disagreed with his policies, and I now expect the progressive Jews to support the newly elected Israeli government even if they disagree.

American Jews have a right to get involved with religious matters in Israel, but not political ones unless they are ready to move to Israel.

Israel was established as a Jewish country on ancestral land for the Jews. The Arabs have Jordan. Why did Jordan accept millions of Arab refugees from Iraq and Syria but not Palestinian Arabs, even though Palestinian Arabs are the majority in Jordan?

Michael Garkawe

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