Iran’s troubling violations

Iran’s troubling violations

Last week, the Iranian government launched several missiles; two of them, according to the Iranian Fars News Agency, were marked in Hebrew with the words: “Israel must be erased.” 

These latest launches are just the most recent of Iran’s repeated violations of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, endorsing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which specifically bans the country from testing ballistic missiles that are capable of carrying nuclear warheads. 

Additionally, the UN has reported that Iran executed nearly 1,000 prisoners last year, the highest number in 20 years, and that hundreds of journalists, activists, and influential members of the opposition are being held in prisons.

In response to the past tests, the United States imposed sanctions in January on 11 people and companies involved in the ballistic missile program; so far, such pressure has not deterred the Iranian government. 

These missile launches are clear provocations that pose a grave threat to Israel. Threatening any state with total annihilation is a violent and hateful act; calling for the destruction of Israel — whose inhabitants know all too well what it means to destroy a people — demonstrates a savage contempt for human decency.

This important historical moment for the United States and the UN Security Council presents an opportunity to show Iran that these types of destabilizing actions will not be tolerated.

As Americans we can urge our government to continue to condemn strongly Iran’s behavior that represents a serious threat to Israel and, indeed, the entire global community. Those wishing to send such a message can contact U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power or sign on to an action alert from the Jewish Council for Public Affairs ( asking her to take the lead.

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