Integrity in journalism

Integrity in journalism

Gabe Kahn’s “Making the case for the Fourth Estate” (Nov. 22) was spot on. I “get it” because I am a reporter and have worked full-time for weekly (secular) newspapers for nearly 40 years. I take my job — but not myself — seriously. Like Kahn, I bring integrity to my profession.

As to whether to call out someone in an article who has done harm or broken the law, it should never be a question — you do it. There is a moral obligation to do so. I understand Kahn’s point about whether the revelation would undo all the good that a prominent figure in the Jewish community has done, but — I am not being flippant here — I don’t think God would have a problem with that.

It has never been easy to be a reporter, and mainstream media, with their uneven reporting, has not made it any easier. If Kahn keeps reporting, I’ll keep reading.

Lea Kahn

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