Inspiring night

Inspiring night

I would like to publically thank Dr. Harriet Sepinwall and the College of Saint Elizabeth for the inspiring and beautiful program held on April 8 for the Holocaust Remembrance. I have always gone to our  synagogue to hear survivors speak. This was my first experience at an interfaith remembrance. There was something so special about it. I was awed by the beauty, warmth, and shared emotions of the night.

I have always found St. Elizabeth’s to be welcoming, encouraging, and supportive through my past three years in the educational leadership program. The program was beautiful from start to finish. I felt sad at the horror but renewed by the stories of people who were true heroes doing the right thing even with the great risk to themselves and their families. I felt the love and support shared by all of us that were present.

I would like to thank all those involved in Saint Elizabeth’s programs for that inspiring night and for all that you do.

Fran Schlenoff
College of Saint Elizabeth

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