Inflammatory advertising

Inflammatory advertising

I am writing to comment on a recent advertising insert in New Jersey Jewish News, placed by an organization known as EFRAT-CRIB, “Committee for the rescue of Israel’s babies” (March 25).

Although I am sure their message was not specifically endorsed by your periodical, it nevertheless appeared to me to be contrary to the efforts of the newspaper to provide more nuanced and balanced views on social issues.

This organization, soliciting funds for the stated purpose of discouraging abortions, presented an intemperate position and made use of inflammatory language.

As a Jewish person of faith I, like many others, am “pro-choice.” This does not mean that I would encourage abortions. Certainly every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy should know of and be allowed to make an informed choice of all options available, including adoption, financial and social support, sound medical advice, as well as abortion.

However, I see this agency as using coercive strategies and exploitive tactics, including a picture of a child asking “Isn’t my life worth $1200?” Obviously, the life of any child already born is worth far more! Many child welfare services are worthy of our support, both in Israel and the United States. But to solicit support by claiming as EFRAT does, that disallowing abortions can “increase the number of Jews in Israel by thousands each year “ is questionable at best.

I would hope NJJN might be more selective in accepting advertising from organizations such as this.

June L. Garelick, LCSW
Tinton Falls

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