Inclusion in ‘Hatikvah’

Inclusion in ‘Hatikvah’

Robert Wiener’s “Violence tests coexistence program in Israel” (Sept. 21) shows how people can get along. Perhaps this thought might be passed along to leaders.

“Hatikvah,” which I sang in cheder in 1948 and still sing now, is a wonderful piece of requited hope for all Jews. The first time I had occasion to sing it in Israel — standing “b’artzainu” myself — was most moving and grounding for me.

However, the words do not resonate for most non-Jews. We have Israeli citizens of many ethnic groups (Arabs, Circassians, Eastern Europeans, etc.) and many religious groups (Muslims, Christian, Druze, Bahai, etc.). If a one-state solution does come to pass we will have even more.

I feel that someone in Israel should create an additional stanza with the same melody to reflect the hope, pride, and inclusion of all. This should not replace “Hatikvah,” it should be a supplement that both Jews and everyone else could sing with pride.

George Cohen 
Town of Warren

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