Hypocritical logic

Hypocritical logic

Without taking a position on Rabbi Meir Kahane, who advocated for peacefully paying Arabs to leave Israel and perhaps settle in Arab countries, an objective analyst would have to find hypocritical the many outspoken people — and newspapers — who do not seek and have not sought to disqualify from coalitions Arabs who support the death sentence for those who sell land to Jews (“Bibi’s Kahane move seen  as blow to Israel-diaspora relations,” Feb. 28). That also applies to those who support terrorism to encourage the forcible expulsion of all Jews from Israel or throwing them into the sea or exterminating Jews more directly. Arabs in the Knesset with any of these positions are more than mere “non-Zionist” and they are certainly no less “racist” than followers of Kahane.

Further, whether or not it is justified to compare Dr. Baruch Goldstein’s pre-emptive killing of Arabs who had allegedly advocated a massacre of the Jews the day before to Israel’s pre-emptive Six-Day War upon the closing of shipping lanes, Kahane himself never massacred Arabs or advocated doing so as a general policy.

Rabbi Aaron I. Reichel

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