Hypocrisy on Kotel controversy

Hypocrisy on Kotel controversy

I was disappointed to read Stephen Flatow’s “A different take on the Western Wall controversy” (July 6).  First, there was his statement that he isn’t one to say that only people living in Israel have a right to comment on security, only to then say to American Conservative and Reform Jewish leaders to be quiet since their children are not being shot at. 

Second, he suggests that these same leaders speak out on issues like concrete tunnels, bomb shelters, and the like, something they already regularly and forcefully do. 

Third, he minimizes the very real security threat posed by the Israeli government’s decisions. They are dismissive of and alienating to the millions of North American Reform and Conservative Jews who every day stand up for and defend Israel on college campuses, at the UN, and on Capitol Hill. There are multiple threats to Israel’s security and speaking out on one does not negate the others.  

Kenneth Cohen
West Orange

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