How long?

How long?

Conrad Nadell summarizes the history of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians for the past 65 years, with hatred being the operative attitude (let’s be honest) on both sides (“To reach peace, reeducate the Palestinians,” Jan. 10).

The difference between the two sides is that one side, Israel, recognizes that it must live side by side with the Arab Palestinians and has repeatedly made overtures to accommodate such an arrangement, which have consistently been rejected. The other side, the Palestinians, is only dedicated to destroying the very existence of the State of Israel. They have repeated this again and again.

Nadell’s idea that the Palestinians must be reeducated to understand the history and reality of the state of Israel is a good idea. But who will teach it? He gives as an example of such a possibility the final enactment of laws in the United States guaranteeing equal rights for all its citizens in 1964, 100 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Not a very promising record. And, again, who among the Palestinians — or any of the neighboring Arab nations — has the desire and the vision and the courage to reeducate what is being taught every day in Muslim schools and mosques? Where are the voices of sanity? How long will it take?

Eleanor Rubin
Tinton Falls

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