Honoring chaplains

Honoring chaplains

During the first week in February, the Joint Chaplaincy Committee together with the National Association of Jewish Chaplains (NAJP) was advised of a bipartisan congressional resolution being submitted to Congress in an effort to commemorate the lives and service of Jewish chaplains who died in active duty to the United States. This commemoration would take the form of a memorial for Jewish Chaplains at Arlington National Cemetery. While Chaplains Hill at Arlington memorializes 242 chaplains who perished while on active duty, none of the 13 Jewish chaplains who have died while serving is honored there.

We have signed on to that bill. Although sufficient funds had been raised to erect a memorial on Chaplains Hill, the actual placing of the memorial requires an act of Congress.

The Joint Chaplaincy Committee was founded more than 60 years ago and employs close to a dozen chaplains, all of whom have professional chaplaincy training, Clinical Pastoral Education, and are members of the NAJP. The Joint Chaplaincy Committee of MetroWest is recognized as a leader in professional pastoral/spiritual care and chaplaincy nationwide, and is affiliated with and helps oversee the programs of the Chaplaincy Committee of Central New Jersey and Monmouth County New Jersey as well as being the national office of the NAJP.

Cecille Allman Asekoff
Director, Joint Chaplaincy Committees of MetroWest, Central, and Monmouth County New Jersey
Executive Director, National Association of Jewish Chaplains

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