Holt’s record

Holt’s record

Jewish voters in Central New Jersey have a number of reasons to go to the polls Nov. 2 to reelect Representative Rush Holt. Among these is his leadership in bolstering our energy independence and creating new job growth in the clean-tech energy sector.

Leading organizations including our National Jewish Democratic Council as well as the American Jewish Committee have identified energy independence as a priority in promising our children a future free from foreign dependence upon imported oil.

Make no mistake about it. As home to Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study and the jobs these preeminent institutions bring to the community, New Jersey’s 12th congressional district needs a leader like Rush Holt in Congress.

To help end our nation’s dependence on foreign fuels, Rep. Holt has championed tax credits for solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass, fuel cell, and other sustainable energy technologies. He also introduced legislation to expand the tax credits available for hybrid and electric cars and is a strong supporter of a national Renewable Portfolio Standard, which would ensure that a certain percentage of electricity be produced by renewable energy generation. New Jersey already has adopted the most aggressive renewable portfolio standards of any state. It is one of the most effective ways to promote the use of renewable energy while maintaining the flexibility required for each region of the country to choose the renewable technologies best suited to their climate and resources.

Now is not a time to be complacent and risk losing Rush Holt’s leadership in the House of Representatives as a champion of energy innovation in the 12th district — as well as the jobs such leadership brings. In November, Jewish voters will have a choice. They should vote for Rush Holt, who promises to help end our dependence upon foreign oil imports, increase energy independence, and unleash a new wave of clean-tech job growth to power our nation’s economic recovery.

June Fischer
Larry Stempler

New Jersey National Jewish Democratic Committee

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