Holocaust is Jewish history

Holocaust is Jewish history

The United Nations’ International Holocaust Remembrance Day was established in 2005 to remind everyone of the horrors of the Holocaust and its impact on the Jewish people, while also remembering the other victims. 

Omitting the Jews from President Trump’s statement in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day demonstrates our new president’s lack of historical perspective and understanding of the Holocaust. 

There are so many executive orders and statements coming from the White House and we need to know how to participate in our democratic system of government to share our views. 

I understand that emails and letters are not as effective as telephone calls, but the comment line to the White House (202-456-1111) has been closed. Comments can be sent to whitehouse.gov/contact. The phone numbers of our senators and representatives are available in an online search. Staff keeps records of who contacted them, what issue they called about, and what viewpoint was expressed. 

If we are to be “counted,” regular phone calls apparently are needed for those who want their voices to be counted…even if not “heard.” 

Harriet Sepinwall
Pine Brook 

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