Highland Park Public Library

Highland Park Public Library

How unfortunate is Highland Park Public Library’s craven capitulation to anti-Israel activist threats. Citing safety and crowd control concerns, it abruptly cancelled a June 5 public meeting. After having been assured of an opportunity to voice their opinions on the author’s reading of “P is for Palestine,” the public was summarily denied that right.

Worse still, the library will now proceed, regardless, to re-schedule that unjustifiable event. Further compounding the outrage, it will offer the consolation prize of hosting a reading of “I is for Israel.” What a slap in the face to the public! What an unwarranted victory for those who threatened disruption, or worse, at that public meeting.

The instigators behind this event, including the despicable Jewish Voice for Peace, now having been given a green light, will surely try to replicate this success elsewhere. Look for a “P is for Palestine” reading coming soon to a library near you.

Richard D. Wilkins
Cherry Hill

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