High praise for Shabbat

High praise for Shabbat

There have been many times when I have wanted to contact NJJN and convey my outrage and indignation. I have never actually done so, taking the “why bother” attitude of “they aren’t going to change their bleeding heart, apologetic, love your Jew-hating enemy cause he knows no better” attitude that is so pervasive in NJJN.

Gabe Kahn’s “Despite challenges, still a fan of Shabbat” (June 21) was the most refreshing piece of journalism I have ever read in NJJN. Perhaps it is a shame we live in a society where we must make career choices that conflict with religious values, but that is the burden of “Modern” Orthodoxy in America. Too many of us have succumbed to the siren-song of desecration of the Sabbath for whatever personal gain/reward of the moment without seeing the true benefit that Shabbos brings. 

May all your other life choices be as rewarding. Thanks for a piece that isn’t apologetic but is instead inspiring to those who might not understand but one day may. 


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