Henry Ford II’s teshuvah

Henry Ford II’s teshuvah

Jay Deitcher should study history as corporate cultures can change (Exit Ramp, “You are what you drive,” Feb. 21).

Henry Ford II did teshuvah for his grandfather’s sins. When most American companies, including some controlled by Jews, such as Pepsi, abided by the Arab boycott of Israel, Henry Ford II not only sold cars directly to Israel, but set up an assembly plant there in 1968. I’m proud to have stopped abiding by my grandparents’ boycott of Ford products and have owned a Lincoln, Mustang, or Mercury for the past 30 years.

He should also know that the Japanese, unlike the Germans, have barely come to terms with making amends to the collective millions of Asian victims of forced prostitution, slave labor, and medical experimentation they conducted. When you compare the death rates of Allied POWs held in Japanese camps to those in German ones, they are nine times greater. Until the Japanese government makes meaningful gestures of teshuvah, I won’t be buying a Toyota, Nissan, Honda, or Mitsubishi.

Paul L. Newman

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