Hate is unacceptable

Hate is unacceptable

On June 11, the New Jersey State Assembly joined the Senate in passing a State Resolution condemning all forms of anti-Semitism. The Jewish Caucus of the Monmouth County Democrats commends the Legislature for recognizing and addressing the disturbing rise of anti-Semitism not only in other parts of the world but also here in New Jersey. The resolution rejects the attempt to
justify anti-Jewish hatred as acceptable because of “disapproval over political events in the Middle East or elsewhere.” It is a depressing fact that in 2014 there were 107 anti-Semitic incidents in the state of New Jersey, an increase of 27 percent over the previous year.

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-Dist. 37), Senate Minority leader Tom Kean (R-Dist. 21) and Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Dist. 3) deserve praise for joining together to shepherd  the resolution through the legislature. Only through this kind of bipartisan effort can we alert our citizens to the danger to our society of irrational hatred of any group.

The tragic event that occurred in Charleston highlights the need for all people to recognize that hatred of any group of people, whether because of their religion, the color of their skin, or for whatever makes them appear a little different, is unacceptable. We must join together to fight bigotry wherever and however it arises.

We hope that this resolution represents only the beginning of serious efforts to join together to educate all segments of society that the strength of our democracy lies, not in uniformity, but in the  celebration of our differences.

Norma F. Rosenbloom

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