Hanukka’s message

Hanukka’s message

Americans say that Christians have Christmas, and Jews have Hanukka. It is time for Jews to explain what Hanukka is: a commemoration of the victory of Israelis against the powers of international government. Jews are a free people, living in a free land. Jews have always refused to accept the dictates of one-world statist governments. The Exodus from ancient Egypt was a bloody rebellion against a one-world statist government. The government gave food to the people, decided where they can live, and ordered people to work on various projects. The Israelites leaving Egypt were fighting for freedom.

Let us all remember that the American Revolution was based upon these Jewish ideas of freedom from international powers. Benjamin Franklin proposed that the great seal have a picture of the Israelis crossing the Red Sea during the Exodus. The American founding fathers saw the identity of the Jewish struggle against ancient Egypt with their struggle against Great Britain.

Happy Hanukka! Think about this when we light the candles. Hanukka is not just songs and gifts. It is about freedom from powerful international organizations, with hard cash symbolizing the freedom of the individual.

Dr. Sanford Aranoff
Monroe Township

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