Hadassah hospital demonstrates coexistence

Hadassah hospital demonstrates coexistence

I am delighted to have received Westfield Hadassah’s national leadership 2017 award. 

I have been to Israel over 50 times, visited Hadassah Medical Center over half a dozen times, and I have seen efforts toward advancing equality and shared society.

Hadassah is an island of sanity for its Arab employees. Arab citizens of Israel make up 20 percent of the population and we see good news in employment figures for health care — Arabs are 11 percent of Israeli doctors, 38 percent of pharmacists, and 14 percent of nurses. My wish is for Hadassah’s coexistence to be projected outwards.

Project Rozana is named for a young Palestinian patient who would’ve died if her mother did not arrange with Palestinian and Israeli ambulance services to transfer her to pediatric emergency care at Hadassah hospital. Through this project the hospital cares for the health of the Palestinian community and provides treatment for their children who are critically ill and injured. This story shows how Hadassah hospitals are a place of humanity. And thanks to Hadassah for 100-plus years of partnership in building the State of Israel.

Phyllis Bernstein

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