Gender equality

Gender equality

The Religious Action Center of the Union for Reform Judaism reported on the arrest of Anat Hoffman as she led a delegation of Hadassah members in prayer at the Kotel. The RAC is asking supporters to sign a petition to appoint members to the Western Wall Heritage Council, so that the controllers of the Kotel represent a cross section of the world’s Jewish population, showing gender equality and enabling the Kotel to be representative of Jewish life around the world.

Most Jews in the world are not Orthodox. The State of Israel was founded to be the physical and spiritual home for the entire Jewish people, and the government of Israel must protect every Jew’s right to worship freely in the Jewish state. I urge you to go to the RAC website and join me in signing this petition to the Israeli government to ensure that oversight of the Kotel includes a range of Jewish views and voices and protects gender equality.

Gloria Brown

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