Gaza’s leaders at fault

Gaza’s leaders at fault

Gary Rosenblatt’s “Making the case for passionate, progressive Zionism” in the “Israel at 70” special issue (Spring 2018) includes the following from Rabbi Rick Jacobs: “Israel has the right, and even the obligation, to defend herself and her borders,” but, he added, “we are alarmed, concerned, and profoundly saddened by the growing number of Gazan dead and wounded.”


I am not only alarmed but am truly sickened at the lack of responsibility on the part of the Gazans’ leaders for the lives of their people. They do not falter at putting their people in harm’s way. This is the cause of the growing loss of life in Gaza. 


I am extremely concerned and terribly disturbed about what seems to be complete disregard for any responsibility except for that of Israel. Never do I hear discussion about the responsibilities or actions of the leaders of those who live in Gaza. 

Profoundly saddened

What I find profoundly saddening is that the leaders of the Gazans do not lead their people to become educated, to find ways to improve not only their own lives but also the lives of others. I am profoundly saddened that these leaders promote hatred and decline to cultivate a functioning society. Make no mistake: it is this that is the cause of the deaths. 

We must each take responsibility for our own lives and must do so regardless of favorable or unfavorable circumstances under which we were raised or which we experienced. By taking responsibility for ourselves we become strong. 

The leaders in Gaza must take full responsibility for building a functioning society for their people. This means creating appropriate infrastructure and building schools, hospitals, and universities. 

It is building a society which takes care of its citizens that is going to result in a dramatic decrease in the deaths — and in all the destruction — which we continually see reported in the news. 

Carol B. Shichman 
Scotch Plains

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