Frelinghuysen silent on anti-Semitism

Frelinghuysen silent on anti-Semitism

In February my U.S. Representative, Rodney Frelinghuysen, met with Jewish War Veterans. I understand that he does this every year, supporting their interest in making the VA more efficient and better able to meet their needs. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Frelinghuysen has not addressed the concerns of the larger Jewish community — namely, the bomb threats on Jewish Community Centers throughout the United States, including the site in West Orange on Jan. 31. The West Orange facility serves the entire MetroWest community, many of whom are his constituents.

More than 50 JCCs throughout the country have been threatened and thousands of seniors and pre-school aged children are forced to evacuate. Fortunately, these cases were not real bombings, but they continue to put the communities on edge. When will there be another episode, and will it actually be real?

Mr. Frelinghuysen remains silent on this issue. He needs to speak out forcefully against anti-Semitism and all religious intolerance. He needs to propose an investigation into these threats to our community and throughout the United States. As our only representative, he needs to speak up on behalf of ALL of his constituents. 

Karen Gooen

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