Fortune Vidal

Fortune Vidal

Fortune Korssia Vidal of Marseille, France, died June 29, 2012. Born in Oran, Algeria, in 1931, she later moved with her family to Marseille.

During World War II, she worked for the underground in Marseille, helping Jewish families and children in hiding. After the war, she and her husband, Michel, lived in Paris.

Predeceased by her husband and a son, Claude, she is survived by three daughters, Sylvie, Rosette, and Gabrielle; her son, Andre; and two sisters, Jacqueline of Netanya, Israel, and Paulette Dorflaufer of Livingston. Dorflaufer, who was adopted in 1948 from an orphanage in France by an American couple, was told she was Jewish and had lost her entire family in the Holocaust. She discovered and was reunited with her surviving siblings in 1972.

Dorflaufer sat shiva for her sister on July 8.

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