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‘Fool’s errand’?

‘Fool’s errand’?

Columnist Bret Stephens, in the July 16 Wall St. Journal, said only “a  fool on a fool’s errand” (in this case, John Kerry) would press Israel to  make more concessions to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and the West Bank Palestinians at a time when fire and brimstone are raging on all of Israel’s borders. That is not even to mention the ever-present menace of Iran’s ever-turning nuclearcentrifuges.

Stephens is right. However, he forgot to factor in an ego-driven president who desperately needs a winning diversion right now. President Obama is beset by scandals in his administration, all of which he has dealt with, more or less, by stonewalling. He desperately needs a shiny trophy to hold up before the American public. That is why he sent Kerry back to the Mideast to attain (force?) a victory there six times.

It makes you wonder: What means are they using? What quid pro quo? What threats, what insinuation, and what outright arm-twisting? Don’t forget, this is a time when Israel desperately needs U.S. help as never before.

S. Scheininger

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