Focus on radical Islamic terrorism

Focus on radical Islamic terrorism

Instead of worrying about redneck, hillbilly neo-Nazis with a first-grade education, let’s worry about radical Islamic terrorism, which is far more sophisticated, with greater capacity for mass casualties. (“Anti-Semitism in NJ: Unchanged, still too high,” Nov. 9)

I’m not suggesting we stop combating domestically driven anti-Semitism emanating from white supremacists and white nationalists; on the contrary, these groups too deserve our attention but NOT at the expense of our efforts to proactively identify and summarily terminate radical Islam. Their propaganda has a far more lethal consequence and — unlike the lowlife vermin who salute Hitler and instead of hiding in the shadows spend time marching and screaming — their underground networks are far more extensive and strategic.

And let us not forget the Arab collusion with the Nazis.

Anti-Semitism from academia is the most pervasive of all. These so-called scholars promulgate a viciously distorted depiction of Israel’s relationship with the Palestinians. In their propaganda-driven rhetoric, they fail to cite Palestinian incitement. They fail to cite Yasser Arafat’s complete rejection of the terms of the Camp David accords. They fail to cite the doctrinal commitment of the “Palestinians” and a plethora of other Arab nations, not to mention Iran (which is a Muslim, not an Arab, nation) to complete Hitler’s genocide. 

Anti-Zionism is the most prominent contemporary form of anti-Semitism. And disgusting organizations like J-Street, Jewish Voice for Peace, New Israel Fund, and T’ruah all lend credence to — and fan the flames of — the dissemination of propaganda, lies, and efforts to smear Israel and the Jewish people. 

Andrew E Schultz


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