Focus on neo-Nazis

Focus on neo-Nazis

Gabe Kahn’s “White supremacists emboldened by the president” (Aug. 22) distorts President Trump’s statements and omits the overriding facts which support my position: I stand as a Jew with President Trump.

Aside from his Jewish daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, the president’s policies and actions have demonstrated a respect and support for the Jewish people that surpasses that of any president. 

Trump is the only sitting U.S. president to go to the Kotel. He has appointed Jews to key cabinet and staff positions, and has excellent relations with the prime minister of Israel, where he is extremely popular. 

He has taken strong action against global Islamic jihadis and radical Muslim states and served notice to the world that the U.S. would not tolerate chemical warfare by Syria. 

Trump was right to call out the violent alt-left agitators; he never said there was “equivalence.”

On the websites of the alt-left there is copious support for BDS and anti-Israel venom in a focused attempt to delegitimize Israel on college campuses. Where is NJJN’s concern for the violent alt-left attacking Jews on campuses? 

It would be more appropriate to discuss the Jewish community’s response to Charlottesville in the context of the presence of neo-Nazis in the U.S. Some important questions to ask:

Is it ethical for the Jewish ACLU lawyers to enable Nazis by obtaining permits for them to march, speak, and spew their hate-filled doctrine, thus helping them gain members and financial contributions? 

What preparations should Jewish communities make to protect themselves from potential violence? 

Kahn’s Garden State of Mind was a thinly veiled diatribe of orchestrated leftist political attacks intended to smear the president and does nothing for the country, Israel, or the Jewish community. 

Using the serious issue of neo-Nazism as a cheap political tool (blaming Trump) rather than working toward a serious response is the worst kind of anti-Semitism.

Stan Rosen


The real issue is the elephant in the room that everyone is avoiding (Kahn’s “White supremacists emboldened by the president”). These alt-right, neo-Nazi, KKK groups and their protests — they want to kill us — Jews, blacks, Hispanics, yes, Muslims, and anyone who is not pure white. I cannot dialogue with someone who wants to kill me or, at the very least, kick me out of the country I have adopted or the only country I have known. There can be no negotiating with such persons or their president.

Herb Skovronek
Morris Plains


The leftist slant of NJJN, typified in Aug. 22 front-page stories (“Fighting the ‘Nazi disease’” and “White supremacists emboldened by the president”), perpetuates a myopic view of anti-Semitism as wholly a phenomenon of the right.

Nazis and white supremacists, small, marginalized groups, are low-hanging fruit that takes no insight, courage, or honesty to bash. Besides, they are not the real threat. 

Where is the long-overdue outrage against the left’s anti-Semitism? It’s deeply imbedded in the “Hymietown” Jesse Jackson faction, who with Jew-hating spawn of Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan, white-hating Rev. Wright (and his protege in the White House who raised up the likes of Crown Heights’ Al Sharpton), the anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter, Keith Ellison—I could go on—the truth is hiding in plain sight. Sadly, the remaining Martin Luther King Jr. followers whose comradeship we cherished (remembering Jewish martyrs to the civil rights struggle, Schwerner and Goodman) have been largely overshadowed. Some of our enemies are self-hating Jews (the kind that hold us to a double, higher standard and invite our enemies to do the same).

The Jewish left passionately supports every Third World (frequently Jew-hating, Israel bashing) national liberation movement except their own—Zionism. “Multiculturalists” are for everybody but themselves. 

They extend tolerance and respect to groups (such as Arabs) who publicly despise them as “Jews.” 

Must we constantly impress the world with our meek, unvetted, and unqualified acceptance of refugees whose societies are imbued with Jew-hatred? 

As our young generation turns away from our messianic promise and increasingly against Israel, I fear the left has become by default the real religion of the Jews, the false God to whom we have sold our collective soul. 

Get a spine and dare to denounce all your enemies — for surely they see your failure to do so as weakness. Your salvation lies in self-respect. Without it, you won’t get any from the world.

Dr. Philip Wolfson
Tinton Falls

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