Flatow demonizes Palestinians

Flatow demonizes Palestinians

Stephen Flatow’s op-eds never miss an opportunity to demonize the Palestinian people (“How one raid tells all you need to know about Israel’s predicament,” Jan. 25). He imagines that all Palestinians support the misguided violence directed against Israelis and all Palestinians seek the destruction of the State of Israel. 

The purpose of this demonization is unclear. Does Flatow think that Palestinians will read his message and change their hearts? Or perhaps he thinks that American Jews and Israelis who believe in peaceful co-existence will change their hearts? Flatow does not seem to realize that Palestinians are not going anywhere and many Palestinians want a peaceful, just solution. In fact, the only viable, sustainable solution is for Israelis and Palestinians to accept each other, each with their own state. 

Perhaps Flatow can explore and write about the many Israeli-Palestinian groups which promote mutual respect, such as Seeds of Peace and the Parents Circle Families Forum. Perhaps Flatow can imagine there are Palestinian fathers just like him who lost their children to violence. Perhaps Flatow can seek peace rather than foment hatred.

Peter Herbst

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