First Annual Sponsor Appreciation

First Annual Sponsor Appreciation

FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE (FC) of Central Jersey celebrated its First Annual Sponsor Appreciation Event on Aug. 23 with a sunset cruise and fireworks. The event, which took place on the Golden Eagle cruise ship of Belmar, was attended by more than 90 people who celebrated corporate sponsors and volunteers for their dedication in bettering the lives of children with special needs and their families. FC provides individuals with special needs unique social and educational experiences by enlisting committed young volunteers.

“As we look back on our achievements over the past 17 years, we recognize that these achievements have been made possible through outstanding acts of kindness and commitment from our sponsors,” said FC director Chana’le Wolosow. 

The event was spearheaded by ColoGuard Enterprise Solutions, Bright Zebra Art Studio, NetCost Market, and NetEmbark. Founders of these companies are dedicated to the success of Friendship Circle and committed to helping build a state-of-the-art Friendship Village in Marlboro in 2019.

“Our community is coming together to achieve an oasis of inclusion and acceptance which, in turn, will positively impact everyone who comes through the doors of Friendship Circle of Central Jersey,” said Ruben Magurdumov, VP of operations of ColoGuard Enterprise Solutions.   

Speakers included a parent of a participant, a parent of a volunteer, and a former volunteer who shared how FC has shaped and enriched their lives.

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