Faulty history

Faulty history

I feel compelled to write in reference to a letter to the editor, in the July 5 issue of New Jersey Jewish News by Neil Holtz (“A modest proposal”). I think it was in very poor taste to publish such a historically inaccurate editorial. I am not Jewish, but I read every issue of your newspaper. It is given to me by a good friend. I consider myself a supporter of Israel on my levels, though I always try to see both sides of any issue. I do understand the passion of the writer and I can understand his attempt at satire. I am afraid that to anyone familiar with history, Mr. Holtz’s attempt at satire is based on faulty history.

Comparing the American conquest in the Mexican American War of 1846 to Israel’s war in 1967 does Israel no service and is extremely inaccurate.

Our war against Mexico was a war of aggression, expansion and conquest. Is this really the comparison one wants to make?

Many in the North in 1846 saw the war for what it was: an immoral war to expand slavery. Many in the North protested against the war, including Rep. Abraham Lincoln, and a young Army officer named U. S. Grant wrote to his mother that God would punish America in blood for this immoral war. Again, is this the comparison one wants to make with Israel’s war in 1967?

Upon the annexation of the former Mexican territories to the United States, all Mexicans in those territories automatically became American citizens (although admittedly second class citizens). Is this a comparison one wants to make about the Palestinians in the occupied territories?

I hope you will take this criticism in the manner it is intended. NJJN is a fine newspaper, one that covers many issues and is certainly not one dimensional, among the reasons I enjoy reading it so much.

John R. Lewis III

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