‘Fauda’ and ties between Jews and Arabs in Israel

‘Fauda’ and ties between Jews and Arabs in Israel

One of the most interesting parts of the AIPAC Policy Conference was hearing from, and meeting the producers/ actors of FAUDA, Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz. I had the privilege to listen to them speak twice, once at a morning general session and the second time at a student-only general session at the Verizon Center. While I already knew about the show, I learned about the director's background, and how they were both a part of an elite unit named “duvdevan” in the Israeli army. After finishing a long term of service in this unit, the two thought about how they could share the story about this unit and about the Israeli army. I also learned that although there are two directors, Lior had a major role as the lead actor in the show. Another point of interest was that Lior grew up in, and around Arab villages and speaking Arabic to his friends which was essential to this role and filming due to the show mostly being in Arabic and Hebrew.

The show had many parallels to both of their lives. For example, when Lior was in the army his girlfriend was killed in a terrorist attack and they dedicated an episode of this series to her.

Season one has finished and they are soon filming season two. This show describes the real-life conflict between Israelis and their Arab neighbors, and gave me an inside look into their daily struggles, just like attending the AIPAC Policy Conference gave me a more detailed look into the Israeli-American relationship.

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