Face reality

Face reality

President Obama has his hands full as he promulgates his views of democracy around the globe.

His views seem misguided as he concerns himself more with a Jew constructing a home in Jerusalem then with a Moslem constructing a nuclear bomb in Iran. Should he not stand up to the Iranian megalomaniac who wants to rule the Middle East and then the world as he vows to annihilate the only democracy in the Middle East?

The U.S. could not ask for a more reliable friend than Israel in the cantankerous Middle Eastern conflagration. It is in America’s own interest to stop the threat posed by Iran as it arms terrorists like Hamas and Hizbullah and threatens a holocaust with its soon-to-be nuclear arsenal.

Vice President Biden condemned Israel — a staunch ally — for planning new housing in east Jerusalem, where Jews have lived for millennia. The U.S. leaders should save their condemnations for the anti-American terrorists and Iran’s nuclear program.

Are Obama and Biden advocates of the Neville Chamberlain appeasements of Nazi Germany in 1938?

Boys, please pull your heads out of the sand and face reality before it is too late.

Harry Grunstein
Montreal, Quebec

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