Obama and the rest of the world have decided that Israel is expendable. The negotiations were carried out with Iran without concern that the Ayatollah has stated that the destruction of Israel is non-negotiable.

Many, if not most, Jews did not believe Hitler was going to execute his promise to exterminate the Jews. Many Jews felt they were safe and only other groups were expendable. Obama and the rest of the world will not believe that the Ayatollah will carry out his threat of the destruction of the State of Israel (“The Little Satan”) and receive his place in heaven for his deeds.

Israel must decide if it can wait and hope that the Ayatollah will change his mind or attack Iran while militarily there is a greater possibility of significantly delaying Iran from becoming the dominant power in the Near East.

Iran will receive large sums of money and become technologically stronger with time and will represent a greater threat to Israel.

Norman Ende, MD
Mountain Lakes

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