Everyone’s concern

Everyone’s concern

I was excited to learn about Green Climate Fund in the article “Green Climate: moral obligation, sound investment” (April 7) and find out that Congress is supporting it and that it is a focus of 110 faith organizations and denominations.

I am proud that my local Jewish federation is helping to improve the situation before it gets out of hand. It is very sad that non-developed nations are suffering from climate change. I hope it is something that different religious groups can work together to solve, as the climate impacts everyone. For example, former farmland in Pakistan is now dry dirt due to an increase in temperatures.

I also think businesses should contribute to the GCF, as the emissions from their factories and products are the main cause of the problem. Even if it does dig into profits, the future of the earth is at risk. The private sector has more capital than any other segment and should also be held accountable
and encouraged to support the GCF. It truly is everyone’s moral obligation to work to solve the climate problem because we are all responsible in some way.

Jennifer Berger

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