Equal protection

Equal protection

Whether the attacks against Jewish citizens in Europe are due to anti-Semitism or against Israel, it is of concern (Editor’s Column, “Fight anti-Semitism, embrace Zionism,” Sept. 4). Jews are being attacked physically and verbally. Synagogues are being desecrated. Jews are feeling more and more uncomfortable in their home countries. Assurances by government officials have not been reassuring.

What is less often mentioned is the growing number of young Israeli extremists carrying signs saying “Kill Arabs” and “Kill Leftists.” In a recent small demonstration in Tel Aviv against the Gaza war, demonstrators were attacked so severely by thugs carrying such signs that some were hospitalized. The Israeli police did nothing to stop the violence. They did arrest  some demonstrators, but not any perpetrators.

Arab citizens in Israel are being attacked physically and verbally. Liberals in Israel are becoming silent for fear of losing their jobs and they and their families being ostracized.

Polls show the most hated man in Israel today is Gideon Levy, an ultra-liberal journalist for the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz. Levy has been forced to hire a bodyguard.

There has been a lot written bout Israeli democracy. One of the basic foundations of any democracy is equal protection under the law for all citizens. This holds true for America, Europe, and Israel.

Marvin Bograd
East Windsor

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