End of an era

End of an era

Regarding “After 63 years, Pleasantdale Kosher to close” (Dec. 28), I have been a customer of Lenny Wallen’s for countless years. I lived in Bloomfield for 23 years and only bought my meat there. My kids went to Hebrew school in Montclair during the week and to West Orange on Sundays; I would buy my meat then.

In 1995 I left the area and moved to Mt. Arlington, and would still shop in Pleasantdale Kosher. 

I remember Lenny’s father and mother Miriam very well. I remember her working in that tiny room near the counter where you laid your order as she was the bookkeeper, I believe. 

I feel terrible about Lenny retiring, not that he does not deserve to do that. I wish him all the very best of life; he should enjoy it. He has helped me throughout the years.

Sandi Enfield
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