Embracin’ bacon

Embracin’ bacon

While bacon-wrapped matza balls may be nontraditional and a bit irreverent (“Ham and Angst,” Feb. 18), we feel that any thing that keeps young Jews connected to their culture is a good thing. If as a community we look down our noses at modern interpretations of tradition, even if they don’t follow the rules of kashrut, we are effectively excluding many looking to identify Jewishly in some way.

While a yarmulke-wearing pig and dishes like pork belly braised in Manischewitz may be a bit controversial, they are modern interpretations of the Jewish experience. Continuity is imperative to the sustainability of the Jewish community.

Instead of dismissing foods, magazines, or organizations that don’t fit in the traditional mold, we should embrace them in hopes that we engage a new generation of Jews.

Lisa Klinghoffer Buber
Rachel Klinghoffer
New York, NY

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