Due recognition

Due recognition

I enjoy your newspaper and try to read it as often as I can. I do, however, question your choice of front page article coverage for the week of Jan. 13 and feel compelled to write. The cover story talks
about mah jongg, whereas the attacks on a kosher supermarket in France were relegated to two columns in the World in Review section.

It has been no surprise that French Jews in France have been facing increasing anti-Semitism and many are finding it necessary to flee their homes due to feeling unsafe. I also feel that the lives of the four Jewish men who died should have been given due recognition in your paper as well.

Amy Dresnack-Kravitz

Editor’s note: The full details of the attack on the kosher market in Paris and the deaths of hostages weren’t fully known until after New Jersey Jewish News went to press on Friday, Jan. 9.

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