Double standards

Double standards

The July 8 article, “As Israel’s image sinks, whither Israeli PR,” presents an interesting and hopefully effective approach to neutralize the worldwide anti-delegitimization campaign against Israel by engaging as many people as possible among the decision-making elites. Would the elite include those in the media world?

Mideast reporting in the print and TV media essentially ignores the verbal and physical hostilities against Israelis. The world media now labels the condition in Gaza as a “humanitarian crisis” but has been silent to the suffering of the Israelis from the previous years of daily rocket attacks launched by these Palestinians. Isn’t this accepted dichotomy between the behavior of the Arabs/Palestinians and the Israelis part of the delegitimization movement?

At the end of this article, it was suggested that a new Israeli peace initiative should be coordinated and backed by America. This suggestion did not discuss how it would handle the current Arab refugee demand for the return of all the nearly six million Palestinian refugees. Since America is trying to gain increased influence in the Arab world, can Israel expect America to support Israel’s refusal to accept this Arab demand? Unlike the requested Israeli settlement freeze, America has been silent with regards to this Arab demand, which has stopped the peace negotiations of the two previous Israeli governments.

Marvin Elmowitz
West Caldwell

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