Divided attention

Divided attention

The George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin incident was a tragic event that has given grist for the evening news and talk shows. A youngster dead and an adult scarred for life. My sympathies go out to both families. What was legally termed by the court a case of self-defense has become tainted by racially divisive, self-proclaimed activists, and elected  politicians.

What motivated the above to  inject race into a case of self-defense? Obviously, Al Sharpton and  Jesse Jackson make the most of any white-black situation and have done so for years, basking in the media’s headlines and receiving donations for their “cause.” They seldom talk about black on black or black on white crimes.

But a new dimension has been added with elected officials joining in the debate. Perhaps they are heeding  the words attributed to Rahm Emanuel: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

We no longer have a barrage of front page news about administration scandals like “Fast and Furious,” Bengazi, the IRS targeting of rightwing groups, telephone tracking, the unemployment situation, or the debt  crisis. It appears that the unfortunate  Martin/Zimmerman incident has replaced these other issues. Pardon  me for being skeptical and suggesting that is not a coincidence.

Jerry Roskoff

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