Disregard for the dead

Disregard for the dead

Rosanne Skopp’s “Our search for our grandfather’s grave” (July 20) was perfect timing for my family. July 14 was my dad’s birthday and I drove with my nephew and his wife and baby to Kenilworth. The grounds were in good condition but not as I usually find them. We were horrified to find a large, orange power saw sitting atop a family’s personal granite bench (one of four in the entire park). My family had one built in my mother’s memory, but this was not ours. There was no one around. The act showed total disregard for the dead. It was terribly disappointing. 

I called the cemetery to share the incident and was told I would receive a return call in response. I’m still waiting. 

The following week Skopp’s piece was in the paper. I sent a copy to my nephew’s family. We felt we were not alone. I want to thank her for sharing her story. 

Elysse Wolfman
New York, N.Y. 

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